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Bitcoin catches its breath and bounces back above $20,000 again

Bitcoin catches its breath and bounces back above $20,000 again

It's down 60% from its highest level this year
Bitcoin rebounded above 20 thousand dollars, in trading, today, Sunday, but it is still recording losses in the last 24 hours.
The digital currency, which led to its decline by about 60%, fell from its highest level this year.
In its latest trading, Bitcoin, the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency, fell 0.96% to $20016 on Sunday.
Bitcoin is down 58.7% from this year's high of $48,234 hit on March 28, according to Reuters.
Meanwhile, Ether, the second largest 
cryptocurrency, fell 1.09%, to $1,488
Bitcoin's decline comes after a weak day for the currency on Friday, as it fell as Wall Street fell and its three major indices closed down more than 3%.
In an interview with Al-Arabiya, a founding partner in Coinmena, Talal Al-Tabbaa, said that raising interest rates has an impact on the stock market and digital currencies, pointing to a decrease in the value of high-risk assets after statements by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on monetary tightening plans.
Al-Tabbaa added that the least 5% in the world use digital currencies, compared to 2% years ago.
He pointed out that 65% of Bitcoin did not move in the last year, explaining that it has similar specifications to gold in terms of trading.

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